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Last Updated: Jun 08, 2015 03:33PM CDT

Can I work on more than one business plan?

Yes, you can create an unlimited number of business plans on an account; you can have one active plan at a time, meaning one that is open and being edited. You can open and close plans as needed, and if you need to have multiple plans being edited simultaneously you can upgrade your account for an additional charge.

How many users can access?

LivePlan includes two contributors and unlimited guests. Sharing your company with colleagues, stakeholders, or an academic advisor is easy with LivePlan. Just add these people to your LivePlan account as contributors or guests, and collaborate directly inside of LivePlan. Guests can view your company and comment on your plan document. Contributors can access and edit anything in an account except the owner’s profile data and the billing and payment information. If the owner grants them the additional level of access, contributors can even create new companies, add new users, and view and edit the benchmarks and Scoreboard.

Can my partner and I work in the plan at the same time?

LivePlan makes it easy for you to collaborate with other users in your account, even working on the same plan at the same time. LivePlan prevents users from overwriting each others' work by allowing only one user at a time to edit a particular section. Other users will see that section of the plan as locked.

Can I save the plan I'm working on to my hard drive?

LivePlan automatically backs up your data every few seconds, and every time you click “I’m Done” for a particular task. All your plan and account information is saved securely in our online servers, ready for you and your invited users to access when you need it. You can always print a copy of your plan as a PDF file to save to your computer or download your plan as a Word document, if you know you will be without Internet access for a while and want the content handy. But there's no need to save your data offline for backups.


What is the best way to share my plan with my business partner or others?

That depends. Do you want the other person to be able to edit and change the plan, or just read it? And how comfortable is this person with digital technology? If you're just looking for feedback on a finished document, the easiest thing for your reader is probably to send them a PDF. If you want somebody to see changes as you make them or to check your progress regularly, you can issue them a guest pass. And if you have a business partner with his own perspective to add on the financials or strategy, you can add them as one of your included paid users, who can fully change anything in the content of the plan.

What file types can I export to?

The easiest way to produce your LivePlan plan document is to use the print to PDF feature, which outputs your plan content in a standard file format that can be read by Adobe Reader or other free reader programs. You can also export a copy of your plan to Microsoft Word (2007 or later). That's useful if you want to have more control over the document's look and feel or add images, custom tables, and so on. Just remember that once you export to Word, any changes you make in LivePlan will not be reflected in the Word document. The Word export is a snapshot of the plan.

Can LivePlan and Business Plan Pro work together? Can I use my business plan made in Business Plan Pro in LivePlan?

No, LivePlan is an entirely new product and is not interoperable with Business Plan Pro. The two products use fundamentally different technologies. At this point, you can copy the text of any plan created in Business Plan Pro and use your browser's paste functionality to insert it into your LivePlan, but financial data cannot be carried over.

Can I import financial data from Excel, QuickBooks, or other software?

Yes, if you are a QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks for Windows, or Xero user, you can import your financial data into LivePlan to track your actual progress against your plan. This is a great business management feature that helps you measure your progress and grow your business. Unfortunately, we do not support importing data from Excel at this time.

I'm looking for Business Plan Pro for Mac. Should I use LivePlan?

Yes. LivePlan is made by Palo Alto Software - the same people who make Business Plan Pro. We built LivePlan to help provide a great business planning solution for Mac users who were not able to use Business Plan Pro. While the two products are not exactly the same, they both help you create winning business plans quickly and easily. 

Can LivePlan help me with my sales forecast?

Yes, LivePlan makes it easy to complete your sales forecast. Simply input your figures and LivePlan will automatically create your spreadsheet and associated graphs. It couldn't be easier.

What types of businesses is LivePlan good for?

LivePlan can easily accommodate any industry and has over 500 sample plans built in to help you along the way. Whether you’re a small or mid-sized business, freelancer, non-profit, in Public Administrations, or literally any industry sector from high-tech to real estate to salon and spa, LivePlan has you covered. What’s better, is that LivePlan has industry benchmarks baked in to its software. Knowing your industry standards helps ensure that your forecast is both challenging and achievable.

How LivePlan is different from installed software?

LivePlan is a web-based application, like Gmail. That means it works differently than CD-based software that you install on a particular computer and has multiple advantages. First, you can access and update your plan from any computer (Mac and PC) or tablet. Second, LivePlan’s online platform also the development team to update the software anytime without requiring you to install — or pay separately for — an upgrade. These updates typically come monthly without any effort on your part. Lastly, being cloud-based, the system is optimized to have others collaborate with you on the plan.

Can I use LivePlan on my iPad?

You sure can. If you're using an Android or other tablet device it should work too, though we don't do routine testing on them.

What browsers does LivePlan work on?

LivePlan is fully supported and tested on the following browsers

For Windows

  • Google Chrome, current version only
  • Firefox, two latest releases only
  • Internet Explorer 8 and above, though we strongly recommend that you upgrade to either of the two latest releases if possible

For Mac

  • Google Chrome, current version only
  • Firefox, two latest releases only
  • Safari, two latest releases only

Can I use LivePlan on a browser that's not on your supported list?

Sure, feel free to give it a try. Other current browsers like Opera should be fine, though you may find minor issues since we do not test the app in those browsers.

Version 7 of Internet Explorer is known to be a problem and we don't officially support it. This browser was developed before modern web apps existed and cannot run LivePlan effectively. However, you can update Internet Explorer for free by downloading the latest version from Microsoft.

LivePlan does not support Internet Explorer 6.

Can I use LivePlan without an Internet connection?

No, sorry. Because LivePlan is a web application, you need to be connected to the Internet to use it. The good news is that you can use it from any computer or device with Internet access, so your software isn't stuck on a single PC. But currently we do not support offline access.

Will my data be safe and private?

Yes, all your personal and business data are safe. All account and plan data are written to multiple disks instantly, saved every few seconds, and stored in multiple locations. Palo Alto products run on a dedicated network that is locked down with firewalls and carefully monitored 24/7. Your business plan will remain completely confidential. The content of your plan is entirely private unless you choose to share it via exporting, or inviting guests to your account. The plan data are stored securely on Palo Alto servers and nobody from Palo Alto can view your plan unless you choose to allow us access for tech-support purposes. 



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